To the guys at Blvd Customs of Lakeland,

Not all customers that walk in the door are looking for the quick and inexpensive fix. There are two types of proud consumers that come to you, the first one will find a box on the shelf for $50 that sells for $250 elsewhere. The second will find a box for $500 when all the other like boxes are $200, but this boxis bigger, faster, newer and nicer. Both customers will leave your business whistling with a smile.

My company has a Classic Show Truck who’s stereo has serious power consumption problems. I made the mistake a month ago of going to your competitor. They work under the misconception that everyone is the first type of customer, so they provide only inexpensive products and cheap workmanship. The work they did for me there was a total waste of my time and money.

While I walked into Blvd Customs of Lakeland’s door, I was greeted a vastly different experience. Jon the professional salesman was extremely knowledgeable in their product line. I presented him with my problem and he listened. Then Jon meticulously walked me though the process of correcting my trouble and carefully showed me what could be possible. After agreeing to their price, master technicians Robert and Lyle proceeded to install two massive Stinger batteries and a very impressive charging module system. I am here to tell you that the wiring job they did was perfection. And the cabinet installed around this contraption was truly a work of art.

I realize on reading this letter it appears to be fabricated spam, it is not. I have never met any of these people before a week ago, but I cannot recommend this company enough. I will always be grateful for the tremendous job they have done.


Dear Jon, my name is Robert S. You installed a sirius satellite radio in my Mercedes. I think in January 2012.Thank you for doing a wonderful job. I advertise for you as much as is possible. Thank you again for a job well done. The sound is wonderful and it is hardly noticed in the car.

-Robert S.


My wife and I wanted to take the time to thank you and your team for helping us get the most in relaxation and enjoyment out of our toy 1975 Camaro. The sound system sounds great! We cruised around all week end and look forward to many more to come. JOB WELL DONE! Jon, also thanks seeing that all work was performed at the highest level of quality. We would trust no one else to touch our stuff!!!!

Again, thank you and your team for a job well done!

-Mark P.

Man, I really appreciate your sincere interest in helping me get this right. Sound quality is real important in our vehicle because it practically becomes my office as I go from one appointment to another seeing realtors in their offices and title companies for customer's closings. I'm thrilled to get some good news about the options. Good work! Outstanding Service from you guys!

Wow, that's all I have to say. I turned it up at the restaurant about half way and everything inside the place was shaking. Freaking amazing! I'm definitely louder than everybody at Lakeland High and that was my goal!

-Stephen P.


The service I received at Blvd Customs of Lakeland met my expectations. I will definitely consider Blvd Customs when I am in need of any additional auto service. If someone is searching for a service shop, I will definitely suggest your shop.

Thank you for the service,

A Satisfied Customer