Vehicle Radar Detectors & Laser Diffuser Systems

Radar detector systems & laser diffuser systems are available for purchase & installation.
We are the leader in high-performance radar detector systems & laser diffuser systems here in Lakeland, FL

Radar Detectors & Laser Diffuser Systems

We offer a wide variety of Radar Detectors and Laser Diffuser Systems including Stealth Mounting of sensors/displays. We are the Leader in High-Performance Radar Systems and laser diffuser systems in the area!

The one-time cost of a Good Radar Detector is far cheaper than the consequences of doing 20 miles per hour over the limit. The freedom to relax and drive with confidence; that’s what an investment in a Radar Detector can give you. Today’s models combine simple, ergonomic design with up-to-the-minute technology, including GPS, Bluetooth® compatibility, and smartphone integration. They can offer you affordable, convenient protection, not only from speeding tickets but often from driving hazards as well.

Factory Integration

You'll only know it's there when you need it. Unlike any other radar detection system or portable radar detector on the market, our systems are invisible. No plugs, wires, or unsightly boxes to compromise the design of your automobile's interior or draw the attention of police or vandals.

Modern cars dampen the driver from feeling speed, making it easy to go over the limit unintentionally. With both of these points in mind, you need to know when you are the target. Our advanced radar protection systems notify you ahead of time & alert you of possible speed traps ahead on the road.

Stealth Mounting

We offer vehicle owners the best of all worlds... a custom transflective (two-way) mirror that eliminates the need to etch an undesirable pattern out of your mirror and preserves the auto dimming feature. Vehicles with manual dimming "flip" mirror function normally as well.

What we offer to every customer

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